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Your reputation is our business.

From gardeners to local nurseries, corporate garden centre chains, product suppliers and manufacturers, DSH works with all types of businesses involved in horticulture and gardening. From small businesses with an idea to large companies with products to sell, DSH has helped clients to grow.

So if you are in the gardening or horticultural sector (selling to businesses or consumers) contact us to find out how DSH can tailor a programme to your niche, based on pre-agreed budgets to make the most of your resources.

DSH Public Relations are the experts in gardening PR from garden centres to pest control.

Julian Ranson, owner of the new Ransons Family Garden Centre at Hatton Country World, says,"I had worked with DSH PR in a previous life so when it came to opening my new independent garden centre, DSH were among the first people I told about my new venture. I asked them to help me launch the garden centre. Being so busy setting up the business, I didn't have time to do any marketing so I left it all to DSH. They were part of the team and just did everything. We got off to a cracking start and my turnover is surpassing all expectations."