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Effective Copywriting

Copywriting is not just an art - it's about people.

People don't care about you - they care about how you can help them either solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity. This lies at the heart of effective copywriting and there can be a whole world of difference between what you think you need to say and what your potential customers need to hear.

You need to get their attention, develop their interest by showing the benefits of working with you, create a desire to do business with you and then get them to take action.

Effective copywriting, whether it's for a brochure, advert, website of customer newsletter saves time and money and creates better responses.

That's what we do.

Example: A chiropractor had a list of lapsed patients. We created a letter giving them reasons to come back and within a week, the immediate response had paid for the project and the repeat patient visits generated increased the paying customer base.

Example: CMA Garden Design wanted to get back in touch with former customers to see if they could generate more sales. We devised a 4 page A5 mailer with advice in a tightly written article, customer feedback form and news, which generated business. We also proceed an article to accompany an advert in a magazine that generated '000s of new business. What do you need to generate more business?

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