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Do You Talk The Media

Media Training Is Essential to Get Your Message Across

Having an interview published or being broadcast on radio or television will raise your profile and that of your business. It's part of your public relations to promote your business. Positioning yourself as an expert in your field brings the benefits of recognition above your competitors and can open doors to new customers.

To do the job properly and get the most out of every opportunity, some basic media training will stand you in good stead. It's too late, after the interview, to think,

"I wish I had said…."

Or even worse, "I wish I hadn't said…."

Keys to Success:
  • Understanding what the media wants
  • Preparation
  • Media Skills
When you get an interview, you must react quickly and professionally so that you:
  • Are clear on what is required from you,
  • Are comfortable responding to the request,
  • Can make it work for you as well.
DSH has advised and helped clients get the most out of media interview opportunities, so if you are intending to face the media, give us a call.

Our media training guide, "How To Become An Expert For The Media", written by David Saunderson is available from Win New Customers.